Twinkle Stars Soft Play

Terms and Conditions of Hire


Deposit, Payment and Charges

A £30 deposit is required to secure your booking, the remaining balance is due on the day of the party.
Your deposit if fully refundable providing we are given 2 weeks (14 days) notice of cancellation or we will gladly change the date (subject to availability).  In the unlikely event the Soft Play equipment is damaged or excessively soiled on pick up you will be sent an invoice for replacement items or professional cleaning.

Delivery and Setup

Please kindly note you will be required to sign to say you understand and accept these 'Terms and Conditions of Hire’ upon delivery. This will also be sent to you via email along with your confirmation and a copy will be handed over prior to us setting up so you have further time to read through and can raise any queries in person.
1. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to check the site measurements for the required package, and also to ensure that there is adequate space surrounding the play equipment. If sufficient space is not available at the venue site for the package ordered, we reserve the right to remove certain items, at our discretion, for health and safety reasons. However, you will still be charged for them.
2. Please allow 45 - 60 minutes before the event for Twinkle Stars Soft Play Hire to deliver and set up the equipment, and also 45 minutes after the event for them to take down and remove the equipment.
3. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure easy access to the venue for unloading and loading of equipment. Any restrictions (lack of parking, stairs, narrow doorways etc.) must be reported to Twinkle Stars Soft Play Hire prior to the event. Failure to do so may result in delay to setting up.
4. The Hirer must agree that the area where the goods are to be situated will be free from obstructions and debris. Please thoroughly sweep/vacuum the floor if Soft Play is for indoors and ensure there is no dog/cat mess if Soft Play is for outdoors.
5. The packages include free setup and delivery to venues within 10 miles of OX16, venues beyond this will incur additional petrol costs. Please contact us for details.
6. We will endeavour to arrive and setup on time, however, Twinkle Stars Soft Play Hire cannot be held liable for delay incurred due to circumstances beyond our control (for example – traffic congestion, adverse weather etc.).
7. If the event of adverse weather on the day, such as heavy snow or ice which would be dangerous to travel in, we reserve the right to cancel the booking. In such cases we will return any deposit in full.
8. All our equipment will be delivered in a clean and sanitary state. Should there be significant dirt or staining upon collection the Hirer will be made liable for professional cleaning costs.

Health & Safety

1.The Hirer must ensure the equipment is supervised at ALL times by a responsible person over the age of 18 (eighteen) 
preferably the Hirer. Twinkle Stars Soft Play Hire does not supervise the event. Twinkle Stars Soft Play Hire accepts no liability for any damage, accidents or injuries that may occur whilst the equipment is on hire should there not be a responsible adult supervising at the time of the incident.
2. If any of the Soft Play equipment DOES get damaged whilst in your possession, please remove the item/s from the Soft Play area (and away from the children) immediately.
3. Twinkle Stars Soft Play Hire will set up the equipment taking into account full safety of the children, and therefore large equipment, such as the ball pit must not be moved. We will not accept any liability for accidents, injury or damage during the period of hire i 
this has occurred.
4. The Soft Play equipment is strictly for use by children under the age of 5 years. Under no circumstances should ADULTS play on the Soft Play or Play Equipment as this will, in time, result in damage to the Equipment or injury to the individual(s) / children.
5. Adults must not lean or sit on any Soft Play, ball pool walls or play equipment.
6. Do not allow children with medical conditions, which may put them at risk of injury (i.e. brittle bone disease or temporary
injuries), to use the Soft Play or play equipment.
7. No food, drink or chewing gum to be allowed on or near the soft Play equipment, this will avoid choking and mess. If the equipment is collected in a dirty condition then the person hiring it will incur a cleaning charge. 
8. No glass drinking glasses or bottles to be used on or near the Soft Play equipment.
9. STRICTLY no alcohol or drug use on or near the Soft Play equipment. Twinkle Stars Soft Play Hire will not be held liable
for any damage, accidents or injury that occurs due to the consumption and effects of alcohol and/or drug use.
10. Please ensure that the Soft Play equipment is kept in a clean, dry condition. Any spillages must be cleaned and dried as soon as they occur – if we have to have the equipment professionally cleaned before the next hire, then you will incur a cleaning charge.
11. Shoes MUST be removed before using the Soft Play equipment. Parents/Guardians who enter the Soft Play area or walk over the
padded floor tiles whilst supervising MUST remove their shoes, particularly heels. Any damage may result in the Hirer having to pay an additional fee for replacement or repair.
12. For hygiene reasons, socks should be worn at ALL times whilst using the Soft Play equipment.
13. The Hirer must ensure that all sharp objects, including but not limited to, badges, spectacles, earrings, jewellery etc. are removed prior to accessing the Soft Play equipment to ensure it remains undamaged from but not limited to, scratches, tears, dirt (of any kind), detached from its connecting item (if applicable) and in the same working condition as delivered. If damage does occur the Hirer
will incur a repair or replacement charge, unless otherwise agreed.
14. No face paints, party poppers, confetti, coloured streamers or silly string to be used either on or near the Soft Play, play equipment as staining may occur for which the Hirer will be liable.
15. Strictly No acrobatics or gymnastics to be performed on the Soft Play equipment.
16. Children must NOT push, collide, fight or behave in a manner likely to injure or cause distress to others.
17. Always ensure that no overcrowding occurs on all Soft Play equipment, limit numbers according to the age and size of
children using it.
18. No furniture to be placed on the mats as this may cause damage.
19. No smoking or barbecues near the Soft Play equipment.
20. No pets or animals to be allowed on or near the Soft Play equipment
21. The Hirer is NOT permitted to erect or dismantle the Soft Play equipment.
22. The Hirer is responsible for the safe keeping of the Soft Play equipment. You will be charged for theft or any damage caused to it or for any items missing from it on its return. Soft Play equipment being kept overnight must be locked away to avoid theft. Full replacement charge for any missing items will incur.
23. In the event of rain ALL Soft Play and Play equipment must be covered or taken indoors / under cover to prevent it from
getting wet and water damage occurring. All equipment must be towel dried thoroughly before use re-commences.
24. Only Twinkle Stars Soft Play Hire staff are authorised to collect the Soft Play equipment. Under no circumstances should
any of the equipment be handed over to anyone other than our staff. If you are unsure of any staff member collecting please contact Tara Lever on 07966 627256.
25. Please ensure you take all reasonable precautions to protect the equipment from damage.
26. Most importantly please ensure that you take all reasonable precautions to protect the child from harm and danger.

Hire Contract

It is your responsibility as the Hirer to read and understand these Terms and Conditions of Hire PRIOR to making a booking.
We will confirm acceptance of your booking immediately after you have confirmed your hire by us sending this in writing via e-mail to
the email address you have provided to us or by letter to the postal address provided by you.


All prices are in UK Pounds and are inclusive of VAT where applicable, at the current rate. The price of the hire / goods will be as quoted at the time you confirm your order (usually by paying the deposit).
If you subsequently amend your order, the prices charged will be those applicable to the amended item(s) at the time that the amended order is confirmed.  Promotions are only available until the stated end date.
The price of the hire of equipment does not include a charge for delivery outside of the 10 miles of OX16 delivery radius.


In the event of item unavailability for whatever reason, we will replace the unavailable item with the closest possible alternative and advise you of this at the earliest possible date.


Delivery is free within 10 miles of OX16. Costs outside of the 10 mile radius are to be discussed and agreed at the time of booking.


Nothing in these Terms and Conditions will restrict our liability for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence, neither will any of these terms restrict any of your statutory rights. £1 Million Public Liability Insurance is held by Twinkle Stars Soft Play Hire with Black Friars Insurance.
All liability on our behalf is void should any injury occur due to the misuse of drugs and/or alcohol or non-adult supervision.